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Everything you should know about Intensive Driving lessons Oxford

Posted on June 22, 2022 by Admin under driving school

Have you got a provisional license and are struggling to pass the final test? We suggest you need an experienced hand to guide you through all the nitty-gritty of driving. Not big deals to find one these days, as you have a plethora of quality Driving School Oxford to help you out.

What did you say? You have already got inducted into a driving course but it is taking a ‘hell of a lot’ time to pass the test? Believe me; many beginners are going through this phase. And many of them have also found the right way to become qualified drivers, in real quick time. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about intensive driving lessons.

Many people like you have an absolute time crunch and find it difficult to go through the grinds of a conventional, full-time driving course. The intensive driving course is designed, just to address the needs of people like you. No wonder we have seen a recent upsurge of such driving courses in the U.K. these days. If you are not fully aware of what intensive Driving lessons Oxfordare, go through this blog till the end. Here, we will discuss everything you should know about such lessons.

Let’s start with the very basics..

Intensive Driving Course-the definition

An intensive driving course is an aptly designed one that makes you ready for the test, with shorter, yet, more intense driving lessons. But let’s not get mistaken! An intensive driving course includes the same sort of training you can get in a conventional driving course. It puts enough emphasis on you becoming a competent driver, just like any conventional driving course does.  

How does an intensive driving course differ from a conventional driving course?

Well, not much fundamental difference is there. The subtle difference lies in the design and approach. In intensive Driving lessons oxford, more focus is employed on the areas of driving where you need to improve and hone your skills. Such a course is more carefully designed to ‘fast-track’ you to clear the practical test.

Usually, a quality Driving School Oxford offers intensive driving courses in packages of one or two weeks. Here, you are expected to be on the road for a minimum of 5 hours, on any given day. You may also have flexible timings to adjust to your busy schedule. If you have taken some driving lessons earlier and are comfortable with the basics, you can even opt for a course like a ‘2-day course’ (10 hours of ‘on the road lessons’)! A quality driving school should be able to provide you with a proper assessment of the amount of training you need, based on your existing skill levels.

Many driving schools in the U.K. also provide residential courses where you would stay away from your home and learn. If you want an uninterrupted focus on driving, without any distractions, such a course would be helpful.

Not everyone can take an intensive driving course

Yes. You need to satisfy the following conditions if you want to get enrolled on an intensive driving course-

  • You must own a provisional driving license in the UK
  • If you wish to use your own car during the training, you need to have a learner driver insurance
  • Most schools would want you to have passed the theory test. Moreover, you should be able to demonstrate certain basic driving skills before you are inducted into an intensive course.

Hope by now you have gathered all the useful information about an intensive driving course. If you want to get enrolled on one, do your own research before selecting the best one to suit your needs. Hope you pass the test quickly and zoom through the streets of Oxford sooner than you thought! If you want to know more, you may always reach out to us.